Theme 23 – Bells

Gate Bell
Gate Bell

My folks live, quite literally, on the side of the hill; their home overlooks one of the flood control and recreational lakes built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (or TVA).  Surrounding their property is a chain link fence and gate to keep their several pet dogs well contained. A visit entails parking by the road and walking up several concrete steps to the house.  Not long after installing the fence, Dad installed this bell by the gate for visitors to ring if they didn’t want to brave walking all the way up the hill (or if they were concerned about all the little dogs running around in the yard).  It was already old (Dad found it at a flea market) when installed, and I think it has weathered quite nicely!

5 thoughts on “Theme 23 – Bells”

  1. Well Tennessee! folks don’t like revenueers snoopin around none, the dogs will keep visitors busy while they hide the still. Is that it or just a vivd imagination. Ask Dad he might change the truth to My Story.

  2. This is such a good story (embellished by Ron). I hope your Dad doesn’t have to run down the stairs too many times to meet the faint of heart. I like the rooster…he is weathered as you say.

  3. What a great system your dad has – and what a great picture – love that bell! My parents have one simalar!

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