Theme 295 – Something Missing

Tic ets
Tic ets

Hello again everyone!  Sorry that I have fallen behind, not posting or visiting other 365 sites. I’ve been catching up on work (a consequence of going on vacation) and PAINTING!!  And while I enjoy pushing a brush up and down the wall just as much as anyone, it is extremely time consuming. 

So, before another day gets completely away from me – my next submission.  I was visiting and photographing the sights around an antique train museum recently.  These folks have space on the grounds of a state park and do things like restore old steam engines and provide tours of and rides on their trains.  I took a few photographs of the station house, but it wasn’t until I got home and started processing the photos that I realized something was missing.

5 thoughts on “Theme 295 – Something Missing”

  1. Welcome back, did you buy one of those Tic ets, great theme shot. Don’t forget, a watched can of paint never gets on the wall LOL

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