Theme 174 – Local Landmarks

See Seven States
See Seven States

See 7 States from Rock City atop Lookout Mt!  Several years ago when I was living and working in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, I would drive by this barn on my way home after visiting my folks.  Located on State Route 11W just south of Bean Station, the barn and its large advertisement have become quite a local landmark.  Local legend maintains that the farmer was paid the grand sum of $25 by the good folks of Rock City and, once a year, they send a crew by to re-paint his barn. 

When my son was very young, I took him for a day trip to Rock City and Lookout Mountain to find out if we could really see all seven states.  I have no idea if we actually saw all seven of them, but it didn’t really matter because we had a grand day .  Turns out that Lookout Mountain was also a battle site during the American Civil War, sometimes referred to as the “Battle Above the Clouds”, so we spent some time exploring the battle field.

I drove out to photograph this wonderful old barn while visiting my folks over this past weekend and was thrilled to see it in such wonderful condition.  Looks like the local legends might really be true!

6 thoughts on “Theme 174 – Local Landmarks”

  1. Great take and a good story, Love it when you go somewhere for a specific reason then have so much fun the reason goes out the door, The Best Time.

  2. This is a marvelous memory that is still true. In our area, there is a mountain top that affords a view of 37 counties…I plan to go back this summer…on a clear day, that is!

  3. Great, Greg. There is a See Rock City barn not far from my house that I am waiting for the just right day to photograph. I’d better hurry though because they grow corn that sometimes gets between the barn and the road.

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