Theme 219 – Out West


Hello everyone!  I am just back after a few days away.  I’ve been visiting my folks and doing a little sightseeing, and almost no computer stuff.  So here is my first “after vacation” submission – a buffalo.  Perfect picture for the “Out West” theme I thought, though, like Ron, I am taking a little poetic license with this one.  I was in the most western part of the state of Virginia, where it meets Tennessee and Kentucky, when I took this photo.  My Mom had told me of a buffalo farm located near Cumberland Gap National Park and I just couldn’t resist.  Nothing like driving along in Virginia and suddenly finding grazing buffalo.  This huge fellow seemed very content to eating the new grass (Spring is just breaking there) and allowed me several photos.  The farm is managed by the State of Virginia, though I have not been able to find any information about its purpose.

Ron had a really good question about the true name of these great animals.  An explanation is found here!  Thanks Ron!

9 thoughts on “Theme 219 – Out West”

  1. I am an Australian so don’t get a vote, Aren’t they Bison? Hey maybe you can become the whistleblower on the Great West Virginian Bison Shuffle Rip-Off fraud. You will be famous, I love the history of Bison and ProngHorn Sheep/Goats which are the fastest animals on the American mainland. They had to be to outrun the North American Cheetah about half as big again as the African variety (Alas noe Extinct). Terrific shot I hope one day to be able to take one nearly as good.

  2. Thanks for the follow up Greg, I was always interested, in The American West, and once read that “Buffalo” Bill Cody had toyed with being Bison Bill, But that Sitting Bull talked him out of it. If you saw Crocodile Dundee, where Mick walked up and touched that Buffalo on the nose and it keeled over. Well that one was a pet, called Dolly who was a Mascot at the Larrakeyah Army Barracks and she thrived on pats and company. Just after the movie a Japanese tourist tried this trick on a Wild Buffalo (Not Recommended) and was very fortunate as he only got trampled when the 3,000 pound beast ran away mumbling “I Hate Tourist Season”
    keep Loving Life. Ron

  3. It’s a great shot and a perfectly clever interpretation of the theme, in my view.

    Ron can call them what he wants, but how would the song “Home on the Range” sound if the word Buffalo were replaced with the word Bison? Thumbs down on that!!!

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