Theme 27 – Black & White

Black & White
Black & White

I thought I’d try my hand at electronic black and white.  Years ago I used to have my own dark room and enjoyed manipulating the negatives, prints and paper.  This is my first try at electronic black and white.  Still not comfortable with the software, but I’m pretty happy with this shot.


5 thoughts on “Theme 27 – Black & White”

  1. A lot of power and tension in the shot that would have been lessened if the marks I see are rust, Monochrome was your friend there.

  2. I like your conversion and mostly, I like the great texture you achieved.

    I love black & white and I used to shoot a lot of it during my film days. When I started shooting digital I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in the basic conversion options I had available. It wasn’t until I started using Lightroom that I started to think I was getting the contrast anywhere near what I wanted. What software are you using for your conversion, Greg?

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