Wildlife Conservation Corps – Great Blue Heron Survey

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

I am a volunteer for the Wildlife Conservation Corps (WCC) for the  New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, which allows me to participate in Citizen Science programs for the New Jersey Audubon Society and other similar program.  This year I have signed on for a survey of nesting areas of Great Blue Heron and Black-Crowned Night-Heron for the state’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program.  There is concern as some studies suggest that there are declines in both species’ populations.  I have several nesting sites to visit during the next several months.  Hopefully, there will be plenty of parents and babies to count!

I took this photo last fall while watching a Great Blue Heron wading and fishing at one of the national wildlife areas in southern New Jersey.  There was no wind this day, resulting in calm and flat water and a pretty nice reflection.

6 thoughts on “Wildlife Conservation Corps – Great Blue Heron Survey”

  1. My mother & father in law live on a lake on Blue Heron Dr – I have been sending them links of all of your blue herons and they are loving them. You have such a knack at wild life images!

  2. I love this photograph. Not only is the bird outstanding but the reflections is as well. I’m looking forward to lots more photos and commentaries as the birds return.

  3. Another great shot – especially with the reflection. I love seeing your photos and reading your comments on the birds – I’m learning something new! Looking forward to more!

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