Theme 363 – Winter


Ron’s been talking about hot days and Esther posted great photos of almond trees in bloom.  Well….winter returned to New Jersey Sunday night as a Nor’easter passed over the ocean near our little state.  I live about 12 miles (as the crow flies) from the shore and this was sight down my street Monday morning.  Only 17 days till Spring!!

2 thoughts on “Theme 363 – Winter”

  1. This winter thing needs to be over!! In the Chicago area we finally can see the grass. I still have a berm of snow on the side of my driveway about 4 feet high. Your shot portrays the magnitude of the Nor’easter which I hope soon will be green grass and flowers.

  2. Boy I bet you are looking forward to the heat wave that will bring, but think of me how am I going to get a snow or ice shot, unless it is Ice in a nice cooling drink of course.

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