Theme 334 – Toys

Aaron's Trains
Aaron's Trains

My grandson loves to play with trains, especially those from the Thomas the Tank Engine series.  He’ll play for hours and hours, pushing them around the livingroom, quietly talking the storyline out to himself, complete with the occasional “TOOT TOOT!!”.  As he plays, he’ll begin to line the trains up in long rows.  He’s done this since he was old enough to play with trains.  These photos were taken after last night’s visit, and the trains are exactly as he left them.

Aaron's Trains
Aaron's Trains

9 thoughts on “Theme 334 – Toys”

  1. Oh, those look familiar! We must have 50 pieces of rolling stock from the Thomas play sets. The table is always set up for the track. He is now 4 years old and is taking an interest in other things. He has a huge collection of the Cars models and Hot Wheels as well. Maybe, just maybe someday we can take down the train table that has been up since he learned to walk.

    1. Hi Esther,
      My grandson is about to turn 5 and, in addition to his Thomas collection, he also has the Cars and Hot Wheels toys and tracks. He knows them all by name and which piece goes with which collection. Amazing!


  2. How bright and colorful! This used to be one boys’s favorites (they are 15 now)! I went to buy one for my nephew’s birthday and couldn’t believe how much they now cost (and they were expensive then)! 🙂 Great image!!

  3. Awesome photos. Our 3-year-old grandaughter, yes grandaughter, is all about Thomas and has been forever. We went to see the travelling Thomas the Tank Engine when he came to the train museum last summer. She was so excited to ride on Thomas.

  4. Fess’ Up Greg they are YOURS and you hate it when your grandson has the effrontry to even touch them, no wonder you photographed them so lovingly without him in the shot.

    1. Hey Ron…the difference between men and boys are the price of their toys! I joke with my grandkids that, growing up, all I had to play with was dirt!

  5. Both of these are cool shots – I’m glad you posted both. I really like the depth of field on the first but love the way you can see his preferred arrangement in the second.

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