Theme 348 – Vapor

Vapor Cloud
Vapor Cloud

Earlier this week the temperatures were a bit cooler, resulting in a water vapor cloud rising from stacks of an electrical cogeneration plant.  I started snapping photos with a small pocket camera, trying to capture the interplay of light and shadows, white vapor against clear blue sky.  While shooting, I turned my camera for a couple shots and captured the following image.

Vapor Cloud
Vapor Cloud

This image tends to de-emphasize the vapor cloud.  In many ways I like it better than most of the other images I captured but, if I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure why!  Maybe it is the tension created by placing the stack to the far left of the photo and leaving a lot of blue sky to the right.  The shadows created by the vapor cloud are much more distinct at this range, too.  I dunno!  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Theme 348 – Vapor”

  1. i totally agree with you … i lean towards the second one … maybe the overemphasis of the blue?
    then again … i’m one of those people that take pictures tipped and turned all. the. time.
    creates interest for me … to each his own, huh?

  2. Most the folks around my house like the first one better…for the same reasons as folks here..better balance of white and blue. I’m stickin’ with my first choice though.

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