Theme 283 – Silhouette

Morning Gull Flight
Morning Gull Flight

Early mornings and late afternoons are great times to find small flocks of gulls flying here or there.  I often wonder where they’re going.  I spotted this small flock early one morning while hiking through the pine barrens and, fortunately, was able to snap a quick shot as they flew by clouds lit brightly by the rising sun.

9 thoughts on “Theme 283 – Silhouette”

  1. Beautiful! You look as if you are on level with or slightly above them but all we see in the background is clouds. Where were you shooting from, I wonder? No matter, it’s stunning…

    1. I was below them and probably 150 – 200 yards away. The wave patterns and colors of the clouds creates the illusion that I was shooting from above.

  2. Greg, this is a nice shot, I love the shapes and color of this shot. It almost looks like your in a plane in the air.

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